Offline based Reward
& Payment Ecosystem

What is O2OPay
O2OPay turns offline user behaviors into spendable rewards
Sounds Complicated?
Think of a Coin Airdrop everytime you Check-in at your favorite cafe.

O2OPay Business Model

How O2O Pay Platform Works
Customer is rewarded for offline based user behaviors while
Business adds digital layers of value to the physical space they own

This reward, named O2O Token, is an ERC20 based token that serves as
a coupon, loyalty points and even payments in the physical world.

As O2O Tokens are disbursed to the customer as rewards, sets of
data obtained via the embedded sensors within the Customer’s
smartphone is stored into the O2O Data pool.
Do not give away your personal data to Apple or Google without a reward! Now, your data is money.
We collect the data you allow, offer it to the company that needs thereof, and provide the O2O Token
for you as a reward. O2OPay Platform collects and transmits smart sensor data from around the world!
O2OPay Reward Flowchart
This is a big data-related platform to store and value the data generated by user's smart phone sensors and applications.
Through the smart contract, users can sell their data and be rewarded with the O2O Token,
and this will enable data purchasers to perform various marketing activities by utilizing this data for their users.
O2OPay Payment Flowchart
Users make payments using the O2O Token on the O2O Wallet App for purchasing goods and services,
and merchants are paid in cash on their accounts via the payment module (O2O PG) called the Coin to Cash Platform.
O2O Payment Gateway

As of May 2018, O2OPay supports WeChatPay, AliPay and UnionPay


  • Entered into a strategic partnership between O2OPay Platform and VD Korea
  • O2O Pre Sale
  • O2O Token Distribution to be scheduled
  • Releasing O2OPay White Paper
  • Opening O2OPay’s web version
  • Registering for Ethereum Industry Alliance
  • Entering into a partnership with Cryptocurrency Investment Institute, Foundation X
  • Development of Indoor Location Tracking System
  • (based on location / data technology)
  • Launched of Beta Version of Ad Management App with Beacons
  • Beta version of ad management app launch with beacons
  • Launched the O2O Beacon System
  • Releasing of O2O Mobile Wallet
  • Launch Air Drop System (Portable Air Drop Device)
  • Data Gathering, Reward System Launching (Big Data DB Construction)
  • Crypto Game development plan
  • Joining the Philippines payment market
  • listing to the International Crypto currency exchange. [Got confirmation from five international and korean exchanges]
  • Start the business after having the crypto currency payment
  • Issuance of O2OPay sub token, developing and operation of various platform
  • O2OPay Main Net (An announcement of Public Chain detailed development plan)
  • Start developing Crypto Game
  • Launch Online & Offline Cryptocurrency Payment System
  • Releasing th smart watch for O2OPay
  • Releasing a variety of application for Location Tracking System Disque
  • Preparing H / W POS System for crypto currency payment platform
  • Release Big Data Deep Run Analysis AI System
  • Release of H / W POS System for crypto currency payment platform
  • Release Main Net for O2OPay
  • Development, operation, and distribution of various O2O platforms
  • Launching of simulation game based on O2O Token
  1. 2018 1Q (from January to March)
  2. 2018 2Q (from April to June)
  3. 2018 3Q (from July to September)
  4. 2018 4Q (from October to December)
  5. 2019 1Q (from January to March)
  6. 2019 2Q (from April to June)
  7. 2019 3Q (from July to September)
  8. 2019 4Q (from October to December)
  1. 2018 1Q 
    (from January to March)
  2. 2018 2Q 
    (from April to June)
  3. 2018 3Q 
    (from July to September)
  4. 2018 4Q
    (from October to December)
  5. 2019 1Q
    (from January to March)
  6. 2019 2Q
    (from April to June)
  7. 2019 3Q
    (from July to September)
  8. 2019 Q4
    (from October to December)


  • What is O2O? (Online to Offline)?
    It stands for " Online to Offline " and is a business model that promotes the purchasing of consumers through
    a combined marketing of online and offline consumption channel. For examples, offline distribution companies operating online, mobile shopping malls and
    shared platforms (airbnb, Uber) such as sharing vehicles, delivering food service by mobile and
    sharing house
  • What is O20 Token?
    It’s a cryptocurrency token issued by Ethereum's ERC 20 protocol to be used within
    O2O Service Platform
  • What is O2OPay?
    Brand name including O2O Token based on Ethereum ERC20 and
    payment system
  • What is O2O Wallet?
    It’s an e-wallet app of cryptocurrency in mobile that O2OPay can be stored
  • What is O2OPay Data Pool?
    It’s a big data platform which collects, stores, search and reproduce the data through the report engine,
    if user agrees to share the data from mobile phone and wearable device
  • Which cycle will O2O Token be circulated ?

    Most transactions of cryptocurrency occur only between the user and the exchange,
    O2OPay Platform enables companies and small and medium-sized businesses to indirectly participate in the exchange
    O2OPay Data Pool collects and save the smart sensor data from user and provides it to the company, get O2O Token as reward
    between the O2O service apps
  • What does “Cash to Coin” of O2O Token mean?
    It is a Platform that is able to exchange cash to O2O Token within O2OPay service platform.
  • What does “Coin to Cash” of O2O Token mean?
    It is a Platform that is able to exchange O2O Token to cash within O2OPay service platform.
  • What is the total amount of O2O Token issued?
    The total amount of issuance is 3,432,000,000 O2O.
  • What is the amount of supply (Sales volume) among the total amount of issuance?
    It is the 50% of the total amount of issuance, that is 1,716,000,000 O2O.
  • What do we need to do if we want to participate in O20 Token ICO?
    You can sign up for membership to log in, and process email and KYC procedures respectively, then Ethereum wallet will be created in your personal account.
    Through that wallet, you can participate in ICO.
    We kindly advise you that please be sure to check the transfer address correctly before transferring.
    In case where you transfer to the wrong address, O2OPay is not liable for any problems that may occur.
  • When can we receive O2O Token?
    When ICO participants sign up for membership at the site and contribute ETH to our company, then immediately O2O will be distributed to the O2OPay ETH Wallet.
    Nonetheless, it should be noted that slight delays may occur.
  • How can we use O2O Token received after ICO?
    Through the partnership with the global O2O service providers around the world, you can be provided products or services by Apps of the providers,
    which enables you to earn O2O Token points, use O2O Token and pay with O2O Token.

O2OPAY Teams

  • Steve Kim

    CEO / Co-Founder (IT Planning)

    Co-Founder and Planning Manager who created this convergence of integration platform, with a background in platform planning in related to short-range wireless technology such as Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, etc, and in business, development and marketing planning in a various line of businesses for about twenty years. He has carried out diverse projects including raw materials, real estate development, tourism, trade, retail industry, IT, DT, and others which led him to gain a wide network throughout the world.
    Based on his experience in establishing and operating many businesses, he formed the integrated convergence between O2O service and blockchain. He owns several patent rights about O2O service and marketing platform, and there are pending patent applications kept developed that are ready for issuance.

  • Richard Jung (KAIST, MS)

    CTO / Co-Founder / Blockchain & IOT Specialist

    Former Founder of Dio-Interactive which was established ten years ago. He has experience in reaching a high point in the RFID-related markets that resulted in receiving investment from SK Telecom and selling out to SK’s another investment company. He has worked on many projects of O2O service areas with Syrup of SKT and SKP, and Shopkick USA respectively. He has carried on domestic and foreign projects, involved in Precision Position Control System utilizing BLE related to RTLS market, known as a specialist in the field. Deeply fascinated with blockchain two years ago, he participated in planning and completing this O2O Platform, proceeded with a member registration of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Inc. and now O2OPay is a member of the Alliance.

  • Dustin Kang

    CMO / Co-Founder (CEO of VD Korea)

    Founder of VD Korea and Online Business expert of China, he has conducted many active engagements and projects with B.A.T (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent), leading e-commerce providers in China, over the past decade.
    Major projects are distribution of Chinese e-Commerce (Tmall, Taobao, and JD), services for big data marketing (ALIMAMA DT), and global mobile payment service (launching VD Pay: Fintech), O2O Cross-Border business and others. He has expertise and know-how in many different fields. He is also the president of Korea-China Online Session Distribution Research Institute. He holds a Director of Online Distribution Research Between Korea and China and has received awards from Pioneering New Knowledge Award (Small- Medium Sized Enterprises) and Best Overseas Consulting Award, Korea-China Corporate Management Award, K-Biz Korea Federation of SMEs Award. He has served as Keynote Speaker at various international events, including (Big Data Session) and 2017 Inside Fintech Conference & Expo (China Mobile Payment Market)
    As a CMO of O2O Pay, he has been conveying core values of O2O Pay to the worldwide users.

  • Ph.D Son

    CSO / Project Planner & Project Developer

    He earned a doctorate in Plasma Physics from the University of Yeungnam and studied in MOT (Management of Technology) and PMP (Project Management Professional) at POSTECH. He was involved in SR Project of Pohang Light Source(PAL) at POSCO Technology Institute, and Future Vision Project of POSCO at RIST (Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology), cooperated with Samsung Electronics and BOE China as a core technician of OLED Panel, Pattern Invisible G2 Touch Panel.
    He has won New Excellent Technology (NET) Certificate two times and there are more of his achievements on research, such as forty-nine cases in publishing a research paper, twenty cases in proceeding research paper, eight cases in charge of managing research tasks, twelve cases in participating in research tasks, eleven cases in patent applications as a first inventor (twenty-one cases in patent application as a co-inventor), and so on. As a Project Planner and Project Developer, he is able to analyze patent technology and industry technology, which enables him to plan a future strategy under the PMP process.

  • David Hong

    Hardware & Software Platform Engineer Manager

    For more than twenty years, He has various IT device hardware and firmware technologies and experiences, including IT devices, languages, education, OS platforms and so on. He is the first expert in Korea to develop Lotto development solutions, perform Sharing Lotto projects, and make inroads into global markets with Cambodian Lotto projects.
    He is responsible for the overall planning and operation of Payment Gateway (PG) and Coin PG-system of O2OPay, and his experience in the development and operation of the Lotto system is a strong pillar for the deployment of the global O2OPay services.

  • Ho Jun Kim

    Software Engineer Specialist

    Expert in Software Engineering with a background related to IT for the past decade. He was in charge of Server in the Lottery business field, and now he is responsible for Server-side platform of O2OPay.
    Lottery field is composed of financial and IT, whose security is highly important.
    He has over 10 year-experience handling various tasks. He is very aware of the importance of Blockchain network and the servers he manages, and he is well prepared to deal with various situations.

  • Jeffery Kim

    International Marketing

    Starting with the technology sales in the semiconductor and TFT LCD fields, he has gained marketing experience in a variety of fields and formed a network in Asian countries.
    Capable of speaking four languages such as Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese, he has carried on overseas marketing for years and he has the ability to do international business. As a marketer who used to be a software engineer, he has a quick technical acquisition and understanding that enables him to do marketing a convergence platform of the wide range of technologies in line with the fourth industry.

  • Shaun Lim

    Promotion / Marketing / Planning

    For more than 20 years, he has been a marketer with comprehensive business skills in the field of public relations planning, such as marketing, design, and video production.
    A visual design graduate who has years of experience in O2O service environments and is excellent at performing UI and UX which are Blockchain-related work in the 4th industry.
    He has specialized skills in various promotion and designing and content planning, and currently he is responsible for the PR Content Manager for the O2OPay project.

  • Jun Lin

    International Marketing

    She is Taiwanese and speaks fluent Korean, and she majored in marketing at Sejong Graduate School, which grants her excel in performing overseas business. Her experience in years of marketing and translation has helped to ensure strong networks in the China-based regions, including Korea, Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

O2O PAY Advisors

  • Greg Matinian

    CEO of Russia Nollamlab (Tashir Group Affiliate)

    Leader of Tashir Group's retail fields and Distribution Expert in Russia. Tashir Group has been established in 1999 and currently is a conglomerate, with nearly 200 subsidiaries, running businesses in a diverse industry, such as financing, manufacturing, construction, development, energy, wholesale and retail, restaurant, entertainment and construction across the country.
    He is the head of Tashir Group's retail affiliates and is responsible for the retail sector related to O2O Pay services in Russia. He will play a major role in spreading O2O Pay to the northern Europe, including Russia. Moreover, Russian Fora Bank in partnership with VD Pay is also an affiliate of the Tashir Group.

  • Ph.D James Hwang
    (Pennsylvania State University)

    Intellectual Property M&A Specialist
    Co-Founder of King Youp Optronics Co. (Taiwan)

    Expert in Semiconductor Technology and in Corporate M&A. He received a doctorate degree from Pennsylvania State University. Starting with Expertise Technology Co., he formed CANDO and merged with a Japanese company successfully, which earns him a nickname ‘M&A's genius’ because he started businesses many times and sold them repeatedly.
    He has worked on joint projects with IBM several times as a technical expert in the semiconductor and display fields, including CVD and OLED. Now he is a technical analyst, investor, technical consultant, and performs as an Advisor in a wide range of fields. He plays an active role in Taiwan’s and China's investment, and the O2O Pay Alliance.
    He is willing to support manufacturing ASIC semiconductor development of mining machinery that are being developed in Korea.

  • Daniel Lee

    Intellectual Property M&A Specialist
    (Japan Specialist) Advisor,
    Shibaura Mechatronics Taiwan Corp.

    Expert in Electronic and Electrical Fields and Japan Specialist. He has served as a President or a Vice President of Taiwanese and Japanese companies, including Hitachi Koki Electric Company. He has very expensive networks with leading Taiwanese companies such as TSMC and Foxconn and is active in both startups and M&A markets. He also plays as a role of an investor. He has a long career in IT manufacturing in Taiwan and Japan. As an Adviser to O2OPay, he is willing to advise on offline products and financing associated with O2OPay.

  • Ph.D Scott Yoon

    Big Data Specialist (KAIST, Yonsei University)

    Expert in Data Analytics and Platform Planning. He is a Ph.D Candidate in Big Data at Yonsei University and has submitted research papers several times at home and overseas.
    He has more than a decade of experience, as a big data expert, in analyzing mobile advertisement data in Korea and using it in advertising platforms.
    He has won the Big Data Award for managing more than 5 billion data a month in the media field and has consulted over 50 companies.
    He is also actively engaged in statistical and analytical teaching activities at conglomerates.

  • Richard Lee

    O2O Platform Specialist

    He has been building and operating services related to O2O services in an NFC based technology for more than a decade.
    Moreover, he has extensive experience in the service platforms with regard to O2O service, including operating a system to monitor to make the daily commute safe for elementary and middle school students.

  • Joseph Hsieh

    Financial Specialist

    Financial Expert in China and Investor in the Chinese Entertainment Industry.
    Co-Founder and Investor of Starring Group & Singapore Pengasus Financial Co., Ltd.
    He is a consultant to Seco Productions SDN BHD as well.
    He is working as an Asian investment consultant for O2OPay

  • Ella Jin

    Financial Specialist & Entertainment

    Co-Founder of Jun Ming Wealth Management (Hong Kong) and Consultant to BNB Capital
    As a Starring Group Executive Director, she has also played an active role in Entertainment.
    She is active in the areas of Chinese Entertainment Industry with O2OPay.

  • Liya Fang

    Head of Asia Entertainment

    Consultant to Seco Production SDN BHD and Head of Starring Group. She has been involved in Chinese Entertainment Industry.
    Founder of Singapore Pengasus Financial Group. She has assisted financing in the various fields.

  • Daniel Ang

    Investor & Financial Specialist / Advisor

    He has been a financial expert for more than three decades in capital and financial sectors of Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
    Especially, he has worked very well in the foreign exchange field and is working as a lecturer to throughout the Asian countries, including FX Academy.
    He is now a Founder and Lead Trainer for Financial Youth Intelligence Asia.