Offline based Reward
& Payment Ecosystem

What is O2OPay
O2OPay turns offline user behaviors into spendable rewards
Sounds Complicated?
Think of a Coin Airdrop everytime you Check-in at your favorite cafe.

O2OPay Business Model

How O2O Pay Platform Works
Customer is rewarded for offline based user behaviors while
Business adds digital layers of value to the physical space they own

This reward, named O2O Token, is an ERC20 based token that serves as
a coupon, loyalty points and even payments in the physical world.

As O2O Tokens are disbursed to the customer as rewards, sets of
data obtained via the embedded sensors within the Customer’s
smartphone is stored into the O2O Data pool.
Do not give away your personal data to Apple or Google without a reward! Now, your data is money.
We collect the data you allow, offer it to the company that needs thereof, and provide the O2O Token
for you as a reward. O2OPay Platform collects and transmits smart sensor data from around the world!
O2OPay Reward Flowchart
This is a big data-related platform to store and value the data generated by user's smart phone sensors and applications.
Through the smart contract, users can sell their data and be rewarded with the O2O Token,
and this will enable data purchasers to perform various marketing activities by utilizing this data for their users.
O2OPay Payment Flowchart
Users make payments using the O2O Token on the O2O Wallet App for purchasing goods and services,
and merchants are paid in cash on their accounts via the payment module (O2O PG) called the Coin to Cash Platform.
O2O Payment Gateway

As of May 2018, O2OPay supports WeChatPay, AliPay and UnionPay


  • Entered into a strategic partnership between O2OPay Platform and VD Korea
  • O2O Pre Sale
  • O2O Token Distribution to be scheduled
  • Releasing O2OPay White Paper
  • Opening O2OPay’s web version
  • Registering for Ethereum Industry Alliance
  • Entering into a partnership with Cryptocurrency Investment Institute, Foundation X
  • Development of Indoor Location Tracking System
  • (based on location / data technology)
  • Launched of Beta Version of Ad Management App with Beacons
  • Beta version of ad management app launch with beacons
  • Launched the O2O Beacon System
  • Releasing of O2O Mobile Wallet
  • Launch Air Drop System (Portable Air Drop Device)
  • Data Gathering, Reward System Launching (Big Data DB Construction)
  • Crypto Game development plan
  • Joining the Philippines payment market
  • listing to the International Crypto currency exchange. [Got confirmation from five international and korean exchanges]
  • Start the business after having the crypto currency payment
  • Issuance of O2OPay sub token, developing and operation of various platform
  • O2OPay Main Net (An announcement of Public Chain detailed development plan)
  • Start developing Crypto Game
  • Launch Online & Offline Cryptocurrency Payment System
  • Releasing th smart watch for O2OPay
  • Releasing a variety of application for Location Tracking System Disque
  • Preparing H / W POS System for crypto currency payment platform
  • Release Big Data Deep Run Analysis AI System
  • Release of H / W POS System for crypto currency payment platform
  • Release Main Net for O2OPay
  • Development, operation, and distribution of various O2O platforms
  • Launching of simulation game based on O2O Token
  1. 2018 1Q (from January to March)
  2. 2018 2Q (from April to June)
  3. 2018 3Q (from July to September)
  4. 2018 4Q (from October to December)
  5. 2019 1Q (from January to March)
  6. 2019 2Q (from April to June)
  7. 2019 3Q (from July to September)
  8. 2019 4Q (from October to December)
  1. 2018 1Q 
    (from January to March)
  2. 2018 2Q 
    (from April to June)
  3. 2018 3Q 
    (from July to September)
  4. 2018 4Q
    (from October to December)
  5. 2019 1Q
    (from January to March)
  6. 2019 2Q
    (from April to June)
  7. 2019 3Q
    (from July to September)
  8. 2019 Q4
    (from October to December)


  • What is O2O? (Online to Offline)?
    It stands for " Online to Offline " and is a business model that promotes the purchasing of consumers through
    a combined marketing of online and offline consumption channel. For examples, offline distribution companies operating online, mobile shopping malls and
    shared platforms (airbnb, Uber) such as sharing vehicles, delivering food service by mobile and
    sharing house
  • What is O20 Token?
    It’s a cryptocurrency token issued by Ethereum's ERC 20 protocol to be used within
    O2O Service Platform
  • What is O2OPay?
    Brand name including O2O Token based on Ethereum ERC20 and
    payment system
  • What is O2O Wallet?
    It’s an e-wallet app of cryptocurrency in mobile that O2OPay can be stored
  • What is O2OPay Data Pool?
    It’s a big data platform which collects, stores, search and reproduce the data through the report engine,
    if user agrees to share the data from mobile phone and wearable device
  • Which cycle will O2O Token be circulated ?

    Most transactions of cryptocurrency occur only between the user and the exchange,
    O2OPay Platform enables companies and small and medium-sized businesses to indirectly participate in the exchange
    O2OPay Data Pool collects and save the smart sensor data from user and provides it to the company, get O2O Token as reward
    between the O2O service apps
  • What does “Cash to Coin” of O2O Token mean?
    It is a Platform that is able to exchange cash to O2O Token within O2OPay service platform.
  • What does “Coin to Cash” of O2O Token mean?
    It is a Platform that is able to exchange O2O Token to cash within O2OPay service platform.
  • What is the total amount of O2O Token issued?
    The total amount of issuance is 3,432,000,000 O2O.
  • What is the amount of supply (Sales volume) among the total amount of issuance?
    It is the 50% of the total amount of issuance, that is 1,716,000,000 O2O.
  • What do we need to do if we want to participate in O20 Token ICO?
    You can sign up for membership to log in, and process email and KYC procedures respectively, then Ethereum wallet will be created in your personal account.
    Through that wallet, you can participate in ICO.
    We kindly advise you that please be sure to check the transfer address correctly before transferring.
    In case where you transfer to the wrong address, O2OPay is not liable for any problems that may occur.
  • When can we receive O2O Token?
    When ICO participants sign up for membership at the site and contribute ETH to our company, then immediately O2O will be distributed to the O2OPay ETH Wallet.
    Nonetheless, it should be noted that slight delays may occur.
  • How can we use O2O Token received after ICO?
    Through the partnership with the global O2O service providers around the world, you can be provided products or services by Apps of the providers,
    which enables you to earn O2O Token points, use O2O Token and pay with O2O Token.